Coming Soon, the weekend of October 27th-29th……..Our  Five Senses, sometimes overwhelmed in such a non stop busy world of digital drama and race pace, can leave us spent and empty, with a nagging meaningless sensation.  As a new response, each of us has undiscovered capacities that transcend our practiced Five Senses and the Heart is just such a portal.  More than just another new idea, experiencing the practices of Heart Awareness leads to a new light in your world, illuminating a greater world for All.   Beyond the medical model, the heart is much more than a pump; it is a body mind organ of perception.

Heart forces  are like gravity…..whether you believe in them or not, they are alive and well. Tending to the currents and radiance of Heart light opens up new and organic ways of knowing, sensing.  Our exploration is not about the emotional heart or emotions, but the Heart’s own sensing, a non verbal circulation of  the Life Sense itself.   How might the heart yearn to be an organ of perception toward the activity of Soul ?  How does Soul, Life’s urge for Life, express itself ?  And how might we enter a completely different internal conversation, a tad beyond our daily to-do List ?

Come join us at Easy Yoke Ranch in Beulah, CO, just west of Pueblo, beginning Friday October 27th at 6:00 through Sunday Noon.  Room and all meals included $180.  Space is limited so please contact to confirm space remaining before making your reservations.  If questions, contact Dave Bovard 303-523-4663.