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Dear Denver Guild website visitors, a one-woman show about the evolution of law is coming to Denver on September 27, 2018!

Law’s Evolution from Objectification to Relationship

Franca Baroni is an immigration lawyer in Seattle, Washington. In 2011, she published a book entitled On Governance: Cor Publicum  – The Evolution of Res Publica.  It’s about moving the law – the idea of law as well as its function – into its next evolution.  How do we know that the law is having difficulty “doing its job?”  What if we could look at those difficulties from a completely different perspective?  Instead of thinking of ourselves as isolated automatons, agents of our own individual choices and destinies (which hasn’t really worked very well for us), what if we could reach beyond our fear of being vulnerable and recognize more fully our relational way of being?  This is what the author Charles Eisenstein describes (in his book The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible) as moving from a

culture and identification with separation and estrangement toward a culture which acknowledges the essential importance of relationship and embraces reunion.

What we’re talking about is moving out of the long shadow of the history of our self-objectification and objectification of the other and into a place which honors life-affirming relationship as a way of life.  Here’s a link to Franca’s website.

Objectification or Relationship? We Decide.

Martin Buber described two basic approaches: I/it and I/You.  Too often we are trapped in the I/it experience which is the analysis and rationality stuck in our head, the constant searching for the usefulness of some thing.  When we encounter or form a relationship (instead of having an experience) with another, we participate.  The vulnerability of our relationship can transform us and heal us.  This is wisdom of the heart – one which incorporates all of our rational analytical tools and invites us to be engaged participants of our self-transformation, as opposed to isolated observers of this collection of stuff we would otherwise call experience.

Baroni’s book calls that kind of encounter a participation with uncertainty, the element of the unknown. The unknown has of course always been there, regardless of whether it was invited, and our relationship with the unknown element means we are engaging with our hearts and with our own becoming – as individuals and collectively as a culture or nation.

The book and her one-woman show are about law’s evolution along this path.  It speaks to fundamental change in terms of how we relate as people and engage with our world.  The Denver performance at 7:00 p.m. on September 27, 2018 will take place at The Althea Center, at 1400 Williams St., Denver, and you can purchase your ticket here.