This seminar is for people seeking a fresh perspective on their spiritual journey. We are faced with a world of personal and collective crises. Where can we turn for nurturance and guidance?
The Guild’s response will surprise you: it is to ask deep questions about why we are here. The  “Way of Jesus” is a possibility that has been available for centuries but lost in dogmas, creeds, and imposed behaviors which see “Jesus as the only way.” The “Way of Jesus” is a spiritual legacy based on his teachings, choice making, and imagination. It is a path recognized in other Wisdom traditions.
When someone chooses to walk in this “way” they may find….
each teaching of Jesus can free us from some inner prison;
each person’s path is unique;
each moment is kicking up new treasures;
one’s own authority; 
love replaces dogma;
how to knead difficult experiences into bread;
a path to our heart’s deepest longing;
imagination that weaves one’s life’s threads into a living tapestry;
the skill of crafting questions, etc.
All this, and much more, is available to us in the “way of Jesus”, not through conformity, but through invitation and imagination. 
We explore this journey through the life and teachings of Jesus as found in the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark & Luke), and in the resources of other Wisdom traditions. We also employ walks in the outdoors, poetry, music, movement, journaling, art, small groups, and play. 
“The Gospel { the way of Jesus} is our model, not our rulebook.”
Thomas Moore, Gospel. The Bk.of Matthew
“The path of which they {Buddha, Jesus} both speak is a path of liberation from anxious grasping, resurrection into a new way of being, and transformation into the compassionate life.” Jesus and Buddha, ed. by Marcus Borg
Ultimately, reverence is respect before mystery.  -John O’Donohue in Divine Beauty
Leaders: John Lee, Dr. Min., Shirley Sullivan, M.A., M.Div. & others.
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