Summer 2019 Newsletter

Nancy Arko, editor

Announcing two outstanding programs coming up later this year!…

Forgotten Passages: The Gospel according to John

One-day seminar to explore this unique writing and compare it with the Synoptic Gospels


Leader: Dr John Lee
Date: August 17, 2019
9:30 am-4:00 pm
At the home of Susan Dechert
Price: $35 (Click to Pay Here)
To register please contact Shirley Sullivan

Legend has it that the apostle John wrote his Gospel at Ephesus in Turkey and the book of Revelation in a cave on this Island of Patmos overlooking the Aegean

Fall Seminar


“The earth is full of thresholds, where beauty awaits the wonder of our gaze”
Explore this theme with fellow participants and…
Leaders: John Lee and Shirley Sullivan

October 18-20, 2019

Easy Yoke Ranch
Beulah, Colorado
Begin your beauty-filled weekend with a soup supper Friday at 5:30pm
Program will conclude after lunch on Sunday
Price: $180 | Click to Pay Here

Living the Dream as Activity of Soul

By David Bovard

Images are the language of soul, and dreams are a fascinating part of these nightly movies, projecting upon the screen of our mind. Respecting Jung’s emphasis on image, symbol, and their associated meaning, archetypal and otherwise, let’s explore how these images move about, how they are sensed, and the nature of the dreams’ own light

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Consider the dream images to be boats upon a river. Typically, dream analysis gives little attention to the water that’s providing the buoyancy, or the energy circulating between the boats. How do these images move? Perhaps there is a current in the spiritual river beneath them. What is this perfect light that illuminates dreams? After all, amidst deep sleep, the source of dream light is far beyond explanation.

Recalling a dream, we often use the sense most relied upon in the waking world, that of sight. It’s as if we are spectators outside the dream, much like watching a live theater play, even though we are among its actors and actresses. Assuming you are in the dream, take a step deeper, releasing the visual, and step into your own body within the dream, physically experiencing the events and asking what non visual bodily resonation might be unfolding. Surely, all these possibilities are subtle, and will not surrender their mysteries without plenty of patience.

With this playful approach in my own dreams, bodily movement often seems friction free, zero gravity, yet grounded and stable. There’s no intention of direction or effort. There’s always an exception, too. Dreams can also include escaping a dire situation, or cliff hanger dramas, having the opposite effect of a tremendous, physical energy, that can lead to awakening. The intensity of these bodily sensations are beyond a simple visual experience. Other senses, surge like an ocean wave and carry us, crashing upon a rugged beach head. The sense of hearing seems seldom needed. Many of possibilities linger for later.

Another dynamic overseeing the entire dream is the intensity and balance of perfect light. What in the world is the source of this illumination? How do the dream characters have some sort of affinity for this balance of brightness, creating a natural backdrop for the dream’s story?

Living the dream as activity of soul could be about carrying the dream’s sense of easy movement, less effort, infinite sense of inner body light into a world that is hungry for the radiance of inner guidance. Bodily bridging between the dream world and the waking world could very well be one beautiful invitation.

June Five Day Seminar recap:

15 members gathered for a rich, imaginative 5 day experience of insight, creativity and connection. Facilitating by John Lee, Susan Dechert, Shirley Sullivan, Mary Jane McCormick, Dave Bovard, Billie Stearns and Nancy Arko

Memorable Tidbits from the weekend…

artwork by Mary Jane McCormick

Sculpture by Sharon McCormick

“…she has washed my feet with her tears and dried them with her hair.“

Looking ahead…

Please mark your calendars for
Advent celebration Dec 9th, 2019 6:30-9:00pm
Cameron Church


Winter Solstice
Saturday, Dec 21, 2019 at 6pm-til the candles go out
At the home of Nancy Arko