“I first encountered this surprising spiritual material in 1975. My relationship to life and spirituality took a quantum leap — and is still expanding. Though I use a variety of wisdom traditions in my work, the Records of the Life of Jesus remain central to my journey. It’s a feast!”

John L.

“My father sent me to college to ‘learn how to think’. I spent the greater part of my life trying to find the right answer and assuming the right answer was irrevocable. The Guild showed me the power of the open question. The text we study whether scriptures, parables, poetry or books comes alive, changing every moment. The answer in that moment comes from the Heart and the Joy of daily living is new and fresh.”

Susan D.

“There is no fixing, no saving, no advising, no setting each other straight. The discussion process experienced with the Guild for Sacred Studies is about honoring the soul. This allows each participant to ‘wake up’ to what is real at her or his own spiritual pace.”

Mary Jane M.

“Working with the Guild for Sacred Studies has broadened my appreciation of life, deepened my relationship with the Mystery, prodded me to delve into the questions within, and inspired me to open my heart to a more expansive love of the world. Twenty-one years of exploration with the Guild community has not quenched my thirst for wisdom but only increased it.”

Billie S.

“The Guild has allowed me to re-member my life, over and over. Here, questions are more important than answers. And if an answer does bubble up, it comes as a gift from deep inside, travels on a spiral, and becomes new, again and again.”

Shirley S.

“The Guild for Sacred Studies has allowed me to recover from the perspective of ‘Thou Shall Not’ to one of an ever-present sense of abundance.”

Mary Jane M.

Seals along the coast line of Iona Scotland

Experiencing Soul and Spirit


We are a small group of soul friends, committed to both ourselves and the world coming into their fullest potential and expression.

This is the heart of all our gatherings and studies. Together, we challenge our assumptions, share resources and discoveries, commit to conscious choice making, and celebrate our breakthroughs. We weep and dance with all the world’s coming alive.

Such a journey integrates the unique contribution of each individual thru the sense of a supportive vision. The individual’s journey is essential for all that is coming alive.

“We are called to heal the world in the image of our most beautiful imaginings. ” – Rabbi Marc Gafni in his book, The Mystery of Love

We so much welcome you to the conversation. For more information, please send us a note: