One of the Green Monks!

This wintertime seminar will combine an observance of a seasonal Jewish holiday – Tu B’Shevat  (also known as the New Year of the Trees), with questions, exercises and contemplations from the world of plant wisdom. We will meet at Barb Cashman’s home on Saturday 1/27/18 from 9 – 4. Please go to our Calendar of Events page for more details.

What is the nature of our construct of free will in light of recent scientific discoveries that our gut bacteria play a major role in our experience of our humanness?  We will take a look and reconsider what we have likely taken for granted in our approach to the plant world which nurtures and sustains us in our shared home.

We will examine and perhaps re-examine our thinkings and our feelings and perhaps also our sense-ings about the plants with whom we share the world.

We will engage in some playful reverence for this seminar.  The workings of Leela (“God at play”) comes to mind in a statement by Ramakrishna to Vivekananda regarding freedom and our cultural preferences.  Here’s what he said:

I am so tired of these people coming to me wanting release.  Mother doesn’t like people who want release.  Mother likes people who play.  She loves the game, she’s keeping the game going, she loves those who are willing to risk everything in the game.

Please bring your sense of adventure, a warm jacket and please wear comfortable clothes to move in. Most of our time will be indoors, but we will venture outside – weather permitting.  Plan to bring a couple snacks with you.  Barb will provide a vegetarian lunch for all participants.  If you have any dietary restrictions, be sure to mention those when you register!

CONTACT our registrar Shirley Sullivan at, to sign up